The White Wolf

Once, there were a prince and a princess.  They loved each other dearly, and would often ride together through the Wood.  The prince would bravely forge ahead, and the princess would keep him safe with her knowledge of plants and animals.  Together they found beautiful spots, and learned to sneak around many of the hazards of the forest.

But one day, a cruel elf stumbled upon the two, and he played terrible tricks on the prince and his princess.  He asked the princess three questions, and when she got a question wrong, he pushed her from a cliff.  She fell to her death, and the prince fell into a deadly rage.  The elf quailed and fled, but the prince pursued him and took his life.  But before the prince could do it, the elf cursed him to consume himself with his rage, and so has he done for many hundreds of years.

The White Wolf can be seen in the hills and valleys just north of the Heights, not far from Lake Echo.  He prowls the wood, bringing terror upon all he encounters.  It is said that his eyes burn with a rage that only grows, forgetting more and more of what it meant to be human.  The White Wolf does not always attack humans, but will never cease to pursue a monster of any kind unto death.  Because of their kinship, he pursues werewolves all the more ferociously, that doesn’t mean he won’t gobble up such a bad child as yourself!

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